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Studentships & Research Grants at Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS)

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Bagi yg sudah terdaftar di salah satu Universitas di manapun atau tengah melakukan riset, tetapi terhambat dana, mungkin ini bisa menjadi salah satu alternatif. Namun ini khusus di bidang Urban and Regional Studies. Sources.

Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies
FURS is concerned to promote urban and regional research and within this broad field it is particularly keen to encourage an understanding of the interconnection between social, economic and political processes and of the broader causes and effects of these processes.


This means for example that research which examines policies critically and focuses on their unintended as well as intended consequences is more likely to be supported than research on managerially defined questions. Conversely research which takes a 'technical' approach to urban and regional questions and does not place them within wider contexts of understanding is unlikely to be given priority. Although these concerns are likely to lead to social scientists such as sociologists, political scientists, geographers, economists and town planners predominating among applicants, others such as lawyers, cultural theorists, anthropologists and historians should not be discouraged
from applying. FURS Studentships
within the field of urban and regional studies Studentships are intended to permit students, generally from low and middle income countries, to pursue postgraduate research degrees. In recent years studentships have been awarded to students from countries including Argentina, Cameroons, Chile, Nepal, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay and Zambia.

The value of the studentships will normally be up to £9,300 per annum and they will be for one or two years' duration (subject to satisfactory progress). The Trustees have the discretion to increase this in the light of special circumstances or hardship. No support can be given towards travel expenses. A third year extension may be granted subject to a further application. The studentship can be spent on living expenses or fees but is not intended to cover the full costs of being a student, and applicants will need to apply to other sources of funding.

Students who wish to apply for a one year grant only (eg because they have already completed part of their degree) are encouraged to do so.

FURS studentships may be held in any department where the Trustees are satisfied with supervisory arrangements for research on urban and regional subjects. In general, these will be departments with a tradition of supervision in these areas, but if you wish to study in a department where this is not the case, you will need to supply evidence regarding the appropriateness of the department.

All studentships are conditional on acceptance by the university department. If an offer of a place has been received by the time of application this should be included. Successful candidates will be asked to provide a copy of a letter of acceptance from their chosen institution before the award of a studentship can be confirmed and any monies dispensed.

The Trustees regret that no correspondence can be entered into in relation to their decision, which must be taken as final. However, unsuccessful candidates may apply one more time in a future year.

Once a studentship has been awarded, all correspondence in connection with it must be made with the Secretary at the address below from whom additional copies of the application forms and further particulars can be obtained.

The Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies is a Charitable Trust directly linked to the Company which produces the International Journal for Urban and Regional Research. The Trust is managed by a group of Trustees who are, in turn, responsible to the British Charities Commission for the appropriate use and allocation of its funds.

Applications are invited for a number of studentships within the field of urban and regional studies.

Applications must be received by 31 January each year. Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances and no correspondence will be entered into. Each application will be acknowledged and successful applicants will be informed by late March.

FURS Research Grants
within the field of urban and regional studies Applications are invited for a number of research grants. These may be held in any university. The Trustees are anxious to encourage newly graduated researchers or junior colleagues of established researchers who have difficulty in getting funds to support research.

Applications must be received by 31 January each year. Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances and no correspondence will be entered into. Each application will be acknowledged and successful applicants will be informed by late March.

Funding is only offered to those students who are within the field of urban and regional studies.

Eligibility: From 2005, only applicants whose nationality falls into the countries listed in Groups B and C of the World Bank classification. will be eligible to apply.

The normal value of FURS research grants is up to £2,000. But in addition to research grants of £2,000 value, a limited number of higher value research grants (maximum £5,000) may be awarded where this is justified by the nature of the work to be carried out and the strength of the application.

The research grants can be used to help pay for research, which is:

carried out as part of a higher degree, or not part of a higher degree.
You will be expected to supply:

A brief account of your training and qualifications on the application form provided.
An outline of your proposed research. This should explain the significance of the topic, and refer to the research questions to be investigated, relevant theoretical debates or hypotheses, and the methods of research to be used (including any problems of data access).

A precise account of how the grant is to be spent and over what period. Please indicate whether alternative sources of funds are available.
A statement from a senior scholar who is familiar with your work and who can confirm that you are able to carry out the work proposed. The Trustees would expect an academic tutor, Head of department or research team, or the equivalent to write such a letter.

The name of a person who can be contacted to report on the progress of your research.

Fac. of Spatial Sciences, Univ. of Groningen, the Netherlands
School of Arch., Planning&Policy Dev't, Inst. of Tech. Bandung, Indonesia
E-mail : delikhudalah@yahoo.com, d.hudalah@student.rug.nl, d_hudalah@pl.itb.ac.id

Phone : +6281322939064
Address : Labtek IXA PWK ITB, Jl. Ganesa 10, Bandung 40132 Indonesia

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