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Australia: ADS Scholarships (8a)

Kategori: tanggung jawab pemerintah Indonesia (untuk jenis Beasiswa ADS sektor publik saja)

Government of Indonesia Responsibilities (for Public Sector only):
The Government of Indonesia will:
release awardees from their duties to attend full-time EAP training in Indonesia;
provide travel costs to EAP training centres for awardees not living in Jakarta or Denpasar;
provide medical and x-ray examination costs necessary to meet the Australian Immigration requirements for a Student Visa for Australia;


process official passports and exit permits; and
provide travel expenses to the point of departure (Jakarta/Denpasar) prior to awardee's travel to Australia.

Note : "Public servants cannot apply in the Open category, nor can people applying to become public servants. No prior Government approval is required for people applying in the Open category and applications are to be submitted directly to the ADS Project Office"

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