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Australia: ADS Scholarships (5)

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Targeted Scholarships: Public Sector and Other
The main objectives of the program are:

To assist individuals to increase their capacity to contribute to Indonesian organisations and professions;
To assist Indonesian public and private organisations to meet their human resource development objectives;
To assist targeted Indonesian organisations associated with Australian aid activities to meet their identified human resource development objectives and training needs;

To select and place in appropriate courses high quality candidates able to achieve an Australian post-graduate qualification within the minimum time required;
To deliver training that is consistent with the development priorities of Australia's Indonesia Country Strategy;
To monitor and evaluate the efficiency of the management and the operation of the off-shore management of IADS; and
To evaluate the outcomes and impact of IADS post-graduate training on individuals and on Indonesian organizations.
Conditions for 'Targeted Scholarships: Public Sector and Other'
Application and Nomination Process
'Targeted Scholarships: Public Sector and Other' will be facilitated through Australian Team Leaders (ATLs) or through nominated individuals from Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) activities with some assistance from an HRD Planning Specialist. The following information shall be provided on the nomination form and shall be endorses by the home Government Of Indonesia (GOI) agency, the ATL or equivalent and the Nominee:

The agency's reason for nominating this particular nominee in terms of the agency's HRD strategies;
The anticipated benefit of the returning scholar's knowledge, skills and qualification to the agency's HRD strategy;
A strategy for transferring the knowledge and skills of the returning scholar to make a contribution to the agency's HRD needs;
Commitment to adopting the strategy for the transfer of knowledge and skills to the agency, to be counter-signed by the Nominee;
Commitment to release awardees from their duties to attend English for Academic Purposes (EAP);
Commitment to support costs of travel to EAP training centers, medicals, x-rays, passports, exit permits, visas and travel from home town to point of departure to Australia, and commitment to pay salaries, where relevant; and
Where relevant, commitment to release awardees to attend a full year accredited English language course, to support the awardees' travel to and from home within Indonesia, and to continue to EAP training immediately following successful completion of their course as an EL Assisted ADS.

Selection Process
All nominations will be reviewed at the time of short-listing. If they meet the selection criteria, including the requirement for serious commitment of the home agency to transfer of knowledge and skills on the scholar's return, they will be interviewed by the Joint Selection Team (JST) and recommended for award, unless the JST considers there is a reason against such a recommendation (for example, if the nominee is seeking to study in an academic area outside of a previous degree).

Increased Access to Improve English Language Proficiency
To increase access for potential nominees within the Public Sector and Other Targeted category who have limited English language proficiency, scholarships will be available to undertake a maximum of one full year's English language training at an accredited English language course in Indonesia as preparatory training prior to undertaking English for Academic Purposes and an Australian post-graduate degree.

Nominees will be required to have completed an under-graduate degree to an equivalent academic standard so that achieved by the shortlisted awardees in the previous round of scholarships. Nominees must also provide evidence of their English language capability at the time of nomination. A nominee will undergo the IELTS test to establish a benchmark for the candidate's English language training progress. Nominees must be willing and available to commit to the total period of study and to progress immediately from the English language course to EAP training and to the Australian post-graduate program.

A nomination for English language Assisted ADS will be for the full program of study incorporating for the preparatory EAP training and the Australian academic program of study. If a selected candidate fails to achieve an IELTS score of at least 5.0 within the one-year full-time study allocated for English language training, the scholarship will be withdrawn.

GOI agency endorsement of the application for English Language Assisted IADS must include a clearly stated justification, in terms of the agency's HRD needs, for selecting this particular applicant as a special case for scholarship even though the applicant does not yet meet the English language requirement. The ADS office will be responsible for managing English Language training arrangements for such English Language assisted IADS.

HRD Assistance to Agencies involved in AusAID activities
The ADS program will provide short-term services of an HRD Planning Specialist to work with ATLs and/or nominated personnel involved in AusAID activities to assist counterpart agencies with the following HRD planning functions:

identifying egency HRD needs;
developing an outline of course requirements to meet the needs;
identifying the most appropriate applicant (s) for nomination to undertake ADS study from the full range of agency's qualified and appropriate staff (where there is more than one staff member in agency that qualifies, ensuring transparent selection processes to achieve nomination of the most appropriate candidate); and
planning and appropriate and realistic re-entry strategy to maximize transfer of knowledge and skills to the organization

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