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Canada: Trudeau Foundation Fellowship

Kategori: Beasiswa fellowship luar negeri di Kanada untuk makalah/karya ilmiah riset yg salah satu dari empat tema: HAM, kewarganegaraan, kanada dan dunia, manusia dan lingkungan

The Trudeau Fellows Programme seeks out and promotes the finest thinkers in a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, naming up to five Fellows each year. Trudeau Fellowships recognize outstanding achievement and provide support for Fellows to continue to make extraordinary contributions in their fields. Trudeau Fellows are innovative in their approaches to issues of public policy and are committed to public engagement. As the Trudeau Fellows Programme grows, the Fellows will build a network of creative people working together from a variety of perspectives to address fundamental social issues.

The Foundation seeks nominations for Trudeau Fellowships on an ongoing basis from external advisors who are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in academia, government, business, the voluntary sector and the arts. Nominations are researched and reviewed by the Foundation and evaluated by an external committee of assessors before being presented to the Board of Directors for consideration and final selection.

Trudeau Fellowships are unsolicited prizes. The Foundation does not accept applications for Trudeau Fellowships from individuals. Trudeau Fellows may be Canadian or foreign nationals.

The selection criteria for Trudeau Fellowships are: (1) creative thinking to the highest international standards of the given discipline; (2) an outstanding ability to communicate the results of research to other researchers and scholars, and to the general public; (3) a commitment to work with Foundation Scholars and Mentors; and (4) interest in one or more of the four themes of the Foundation, and a desire to contribute to public dialogue around those themes. The four themes of the Foundation are human rights and social justice, responsible citizenship, Canada and the world, and humans and their natural environment.

The Trudeau Fellowship prize is $150,000 paid over three years, with an additional $25,000 per year available for approved travel and networking expenses associated with events and joint projects undertaken within the framework of the Foundation’s programmes. Trudeau Fellows are linked with Foundation Scholars and Mentors through various networking activities.

The Trudeau Foundation supports research of compelling present-day concern in areas touching upon one or more of the four themes of the Foundation: Human Rights and Social Justice; Responsible Citizenship; Canada and the World; and Humans and their Natural Environment.

The programmes of the Trudeau Foundation focus on four themes that shaped the life and career of Pierre Trudeau. These themes are explored in domestic and international contexts. The Foundation is entirely non-partisan, and it strives to give voice to a wide variety of perspectives.

The pursuit and entrenchment of civil, political, economic and social rights was a major achievement of the twentieth century. Today, fundamental debate continues on issues of diversity and inclusion, fairness, substantive equality, and tolerance. Where have we failed to uphold the human rights of particular groups or individuals? How do societies built on the contributions of diverse peoples, with shifting patterns of migration, generate inclusively shared commitments to human rights and social equality?

Citizens are not merely people with rights. They are individuals with a capacity and responsibility to influence, build and transform their communities, their countries, and global society. What does it mean to be involved in the life of the community, and how can that involvement be facilitated through the activities of governments, corporations, civil society organizations, and other social groups and movements?

As citizens of a wealthy country with a small population, how do Canadians relate to the wider world of states, international organizations and transnational groups? Are there unique Canadian values, or traits of our society, that we can constructively promote and share? Like all participants in global society, Canadians have a mutual responsibility for the welfare of all the world’s peoples. Canada has a history of promoting human rights and the peaceful resolution of conflict, but that tradition may need reinforcement or redefinition.

We are blessed with a bounteous endowment of natural beauty and natural resources. Yet environmental stresses affect not only our major cities, but the wilderness as well. All around the globe, people are trying to understand the concept of sustainable development, which seems to make intuitive sense, but lacks precision. Canada’s small population and huge size is no shield from global forces of environmental degradation. Canada’s wealth of nature may generate a special responsibility not only to protect the environment but also to interpret nature to the human family.


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