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Australia: PhD Scholarship Medical Science

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PhD scholarships in cutting-edge medical science

Two new PhD scholarships will give successful applicants the opportunity to work in advanced proteomics technology development, collaborate with researchers from around the world, and travel overseas.

The scholarships are funded by the Australian Research Council and based within the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (APAF) at Macquarie University, which was the world's first dedicated proteome centre.

About APAF

APAF was established at Macquarie in 1995 under the Australian Government's Major National Research Facility program. It works together with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural and academic bodies, with the aim of using analytical protein analysis technology to aid in the discovery of therapeutic, diagnostic and quality markers. Discoveries made could result in medical breakthroughs which will have beneficial impact for the health of the human race.

"The aim of APAF is to provide proteomic infrastructure for Australian researchers in areas where equipment is expensive, and techniques are difficult to undertake due to limited expertise," says Dr Mark Molloy, Director Biomedical Proteomics at APAF.


The concept of proteomics was developed by researchers from Macquarie University, and APAF remains at the forefront of technology development in this field. Proteomics is a relatively new area of science which leads on from the study of DNA or genomics.

Cells in the body express proteins which result in different tissues performing different functions. The DNA of the different tissues within an individual is essentially the same. Only by studying the proteins can the differences in function between tissues be identified. Proteomics is the science associated with that study.

Scholarship details

Thanks to an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant to APAF's CEO, Professor Mark Baker, two three-year PhD scholarships worth over $24,000 tax-free each year are available for students to work in APAF. They are looking for two highly motivated, enthusiastic graduates with some background in the biomedical field, biochemistry, microbiology or analytical chemistry.

"The aim of the PhD project entails investigating membrane proteins from various biological models, utilising highly sophisticated proteome analysis tools such as two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry," says APAF's Alice Len.

One of the scholarships involves working with GE Healthcare, one of the world's leading biotechnology companies. GE's proteomics laboratories are located in Sweden and it is highly likely that the successful candidate will undertake some work there. The second scholarship is to work on antibody production in collaboration with German biotechnology supplier company Qiagen. There will also be the opportunity to attend an overseas conference during each year of the scholarship. Successful candidates will also be required to publish some of their work.

To date there has been a great deal of interest in the grant, particularly from overseas students, but it is only open to permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand.

While the closing date is set at 31 January, APAF will keep the scholarship open until the ideal candidates are found.

For further information visit the APAF website www.proteome.org.au or email Alice Len at alen@proteome.org.au


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