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Workshop on Applications of Integral Equations in Seismology

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Workshop on Applications of Integral Equations in Seismology

7-16 August 2006 and 22-25 August 2006


Gedung Basic Science A, Institut Teknologi Bandung


KK Analisis dan Geometri, FMIPA, ITB

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The principal aim of this workshop is to provide knowledge for applying
integral equations in seismology and to show how these applications are
performed. The applications of this theory can also be found in health
industry, in geotechnique engineering, and in petroleum industry to find
gas, hydrocarbon, mineral, and groundwater.

This workshop is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students,
university lecturer and people in industry.

This workshop will be delivered in two parts. In the first part, a course
in Mathematical Physics will be given so that the participants have proper
knowledge which will be used later. This will be held on 7-16 August 2006.
The second part is more advanced. It will discuss some real seismic
problems. This includes modeling and some techniques to solve the
problems. The second part of the workshop will be held on 22-25 August

The participants are required to have some knowledge in the Fourier and
Laplace transform, residue theorem and are familiar with MATLAB for the
exercises so they can follow the workshop conveniently.

The materials of the workshop are:
1. The first part contains a course of Mathematical Physics that discusses
the basics of:
„X Reciprocity, uniqueness, derivation integral representations acoustics,
integral equations.
„X Similar relations for potential theory (electrostatics, curl free flow)
and diffusion problems.
„X Solution methods integral equations (Neumann series, Born
approximation, iterative methods, moment methods).
2. The second part of the workshop consists of:
„X One-dimensional inverse scattering (deconvolution).
„X Seismic imaging as developed by Bleistein using high-frequency
„X Seismic modeling: Near-surface scattering, scattering by cracks, waves
generated by moving sources (applied to train vibrations).
„X Near-surface inverse scattering with application to shallow imaging and
tunnel detection.
„X Near-surface scattering as applied in exploration for oil and gas.

The participant who already has the knowledge given in the first part can
directly join the second part of this workshop.

Please notice that each part of this workshop can only accommodate about
30 participants. Information of the updated number of participants who
can join the workshop will be posted daily in

The workshop will be given by:
1. Dr Gerard Herman, GC from Shell International Exploration of Petroleum
2. Dr Wono Setya Budhi from Analysis and Geometry Group, Institut
Teknologi Bandung.
3. Dr Christina Dwi Riyanti from Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics,
Delft University of Technology.

The registration fee for each part of the workshop is classified as follows:
Participant Student Lecturer Industry
Early bird(before 15 July 2006) Rp 300.000,00 Rp 600.000,00 Rp 900.000,00
Regular(1-23 July 2006) Rp 350.000,00 Rp 700.000,00 Rp 1.000.000,00

The participants are required to transfer the registration fee to PPM
FMIPA ITB Account No. 002 868 1249 BNI ITB branch. The completed
registration form should be sent via email or regular mail before 24 July
2006 to Secretariat of Workshop on Applications of Integral Equations in
Seismology. There is some funding assistance available for a limited
number of students.
For further information, please contact:

Secretariat of Workshop on Applications of Integral Equations in Seismology
Dr Jalina Widjaja
Analysis and Geometry Group
FMIPA Institut Teknologi Bandung
Labtek III Room 302
Jl. Ganesa 10 Bandung 40132
Ph. 022 2502545 ext 302
Fax. 022 2506450
Mobile 0813 200 97632
Email: jalina@math.itb.ac.id

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