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Entrepreneur with thousands of foster children
Jakarta (Bisnis Indonesia: 15/09/04) Yudistira Virgus, the gold medalist in the 35th International Physics Olympiad in Pohang, South Korea, and his four teammates in The Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team (TOFI) looked blissful when they received a reward of Rp250 million from Bhakti Tanoto Foundation for their distinguished success. And so did the chairman of TOFI, Yohanes Surya, who received revolving fund for research from the foundation established by Sukanto Tanoto, chairman & CEO of PT Raja Garuda Mas Indonesia.

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In other places, some 3000 student candidates passing the National Selection Test for New University Students (SPMB) 2004 fell happy to have a savior providing them the scholarships to study at universities. The scholarships worth of Rp5 billion will be used to buy registration forms, pocket money, and transportation, as well as the first year tuition each of which is worth Rp1 million.

Lecturers of Sumatra Utara University who are now taking doctorate programs (S3) at state universities in Java have also the same benefit because there is someone who bears their tuitions until they finish their studies.

Sukantois very difficult to meet because he frequently goes traveling to other countries. On the one occasion he is taking an extensive course, and on the other occasion he may be going to see his companies spreading in several countries or to see his children studying overseas, three in the United States and one in Singapore.

Why Sukanto is determined to help a lot of people in education? “I can feel the sadness of those who are eager to study but do not have the money. In 1966, during the PKI’s 30 September Movement, I could not continue my study because I had to work to help my parents. At the time, life was very difficult. I want to help successful children who have strong determination to reach their ambitions,” he said.

Businessman with thousands of sponsored children - Sukanto Tanoto's contribution to Indonesian education begun since 1978. He quietly and without fanfare started cooperation with several state universities including UI, ITB, IPB, and Unair Surabaya, giving hundreds of scholarships to successful students. Through his Sayap Garuda Foundation, he still gives the scholarships till today.

“If I count, my ‘fostered’ children would have been thousands. I think I want to hold a reunion someday. I am happy. Some of them have become bureaucrats like a director general, the other has become a professor,” said the man who was born in Balawan, North Sumatra, on 25 December 1949.

So far, Sukanto is not interested in appearing in a media talking about his contribution to education. However, now he comes to the surface because he is very happy to find out that one of his fostered children from Senior High School (SMA) Pekanbaru, Riau, successfully grab bronze medal in the 35th International Physics Olympiad in South Korea.

In fact, the school was just established in 2001. “I am very happy. Though the school is still new, it has produced a successful student,” he said. His Bhakti Tanoto Foundation and Sayap Garuda Foundation have long assisted students ranging from elementary schools (SD) to universities. He also assists teachers in remote areas. According to him, teachers in remote areas should get incentives in addition to salaries from local government so that they are willing to keep staying.

There. Having a motto “no day without learning”, Sukanto keep broadening his horizon by reading books of economics, philosophy, and politics, among others. For learning, he feels no hesitation to spend a lot of money to take three or six weeks courses at well-known universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton. “If I collect my credits, I might have become a doctor. In a year, I take at least two or three courses, “said the clean-looking man. (sumber: sampoernafoundation.org)

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