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Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Scholarship Program

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Indonesia Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Scholarship Program (S1)

Deadline: 14 August 2006

Sampoerna Foundation provides 20 (twenty) scholarship packages for talented young Indonesians with brilliant academic performance, good character, and a strong spirit of leadership, who lack the financial resources to continue their education, so that they can earn undergraduate degrees within a period of nor more than 4 (four) years in the field of Economics and Science at domestic universities recommended by the Sampoerna Foundation. Sampoerna Foundation provides complete scholarships so that the recipients can develop their characters and professionalism as well in order to achieve a balance. Throughout their study period, the scholarship recipients also participate in various personal development activities, such as English language training, and community service.

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The information contained in this document is solely for the students who is taking the Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Scholarship Program in the fields of Economics and Sciences in the 2005 academic year

General Requirements

All applicants must fulfill all of the following requirements:
Citizen of Indonesia
Proof of need for financial support to continue school, in the form of a formal letter confirming state of financial distress or neediness, and receipts for electricity service and/or rent/boarding costs
High school Diploma or Letter of Graduation with a grade pint average of no less that 7.00
Ability to communicate in the English Language
No currently enrolled in any university at the time of application
No scholarships will be granted to anyone already having received a different kind of scholarship
After passing through the scholarship selection process, finalist must be accepted for enrollment in regular classes in the Department of Economics and the Department of Sciences at a University affiliated with Sampoerna Foundation (see list below)
Specific Requirements
Must exhibit leadership potential
Must have commitment to the development of Indonesian society and the nation
Must be willing to undergo the selection process required by Sampoerna Foundation
Must be willing to participate in the Alumni Contribution Scheme, as well as in every other mandatory program and activity set out in this document or as stipulated at any future date.
Must be willing to obey all rules and regulations set out by Sampoerna Foundation within the scholarship registration/application process
Must be willing to teach in Indonesia for a period of 3 (three) consecutive years after finishing their educations in order to share the knowledge and expertise they have gained for the development of the country

The scholarship is a full-scholarship that covers the following:
Registration fees at university at which scholar has been accepted
Living allowance to help cover living expenses throughout period of education
Book allowance for the purchase of text books required throughout period of study
Internet allowance to ensure the scholar has internet access for educational purposes
Research allowance to fund any research done up to the end of the educational process
*Scholarship recipients may not hold jobs during the period of study. If the Sampoerna Foundation provides accommodations (dormitory) for the scholarship recipient, the scholar is responsible for staying in those facilities throughout the period of education. Sampoerna Foundation scholarship allocations for the Domestic Undergraduate Degrees in Economics or Applied Technology Programs are Rp 100,000,000.- (one hundred million Rupiah). Under this system, each 2005 intake scholarship recipients for this program will be expected to donate Rp. 425,000.- (one hundred and ninety thousand Rupiah) every month, or 5% (five percent) of their individual monthly salary or income, whichever is the least. This contribution scheme is to begin 6 (six) months after graduation. All alumni of this scholarship program are also advised to carry out fund raising activities -- individually or together – in order to bring in contributions. The donations collected will be managed by Sampoerna Foundation and the representative appointed by the alumni of the Domestic Undergraduate Degrees in Economics or Applied Technology Programs.


To apply for the scholarship, interested applicants can get the registration forms, complete and return them through one of the following methods:

On-line Registration
The applicant will be asked to fill out the standard application form online at the Sampoerna Foundation website at www.sampoernafoundation.org .
The applicant must make sure that all of the data required has been filled in on the form provided.
The applicant can also complete the Personal Statements section on the form provided online, or on separate sheets of paper.
The applicant must also use the standard reference form that can be downloaded from the Sampoerna Foundation website.
The applicant must also prepare copies of all of the required supporting documents and send them buy post to the Sampoerna Foundation.
Applications submitted online will only be considered once the supporting documents, including the Personal Statements (if not completed online) have also been sent and received by the set deadline.
Applicants who have submitted forms online are not required to send in hard copies of the form. However, once an applicant has been selected as a candidate, he/she will be required to sign a copy of the online registration form that has been printed out.
Paper-based Applications and Document Submission

Besides the above, application and reference forms are available at the Sampoerna Foundation office:

Sampoerna Strategic Square
Tower B, 3rd Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45
Jakarta 12930

The applicant must fill in all data required on the application form.

The responses to the questions on the form must be printed/typewritten or handwritten clearly on the form in block letters done in black ink.

The applicant must also turn in the application form and all of the required supporting documents, including the standard reference form and Personal Statement from to the Sampoerna Foundation.


If possible, the supporting documents must be notarized by the school(s) in question or another party/body with the authority to confirm the supporting documents as copies of official original documents. Please do not send in your original documents. Sampoerna Foundation cannot be held responsible for the handling and return of original documents, although the Sampoerna Foundation does have the right to request to see the original documents if deemed necessary.


The Selection Phase involves the following:

A.Document Selection/Screening

The selection team will evaluate whether the applicants fulfill the requirements for registration, the completeness of the application form and supporting documents, etc. The applicants selected during this process will be informed by letter or email.

B.Interview with Panelists

Sampoerna Foundation will interview all registrants who have been chosen during the selection phase in order to determine more fully the aspirations, personalities, abilities and basic values and backgrounds of the applicants. The interviews will be carried out by a panel made up of individuals competent in their fields, who have been selected by an independent selection committee.

C.Group Discussions

Applicants participating in this next phase of selection will undergo a series of tests and other activities, such as discussion groups. These tests and activities will be facilitated and observed by the Selection Committee in order to determine more extensively the leadership and communication abilities of the applicants, as well as theiremotional balance and other core characteristics.


14 August 2006:
Deadline for actual receipt of application and supporting documents

Selection Process: 15 - 16 August 2006

Document selection process: 18 August 2006

Announcement of result of Document selection process: 22 – 23 August 2006

Interview with panelist: 24 - 26 August 2006

Group Discussion & presentation: 28 August 2006
Final Observation of candidates
Announcements & Administration: 30 August 2006

Professional announcement of candidates: 31 August 2006

Announcement of the granting of scholarships to successful candidates: First week of September 2006

1. List of Sampoerna Foundation Affiliated Universities

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Program S1 Ilmu Kependidikan Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (FMIPA), Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229,Bandung 40154, Tel. 022-2001453, Fax. 022-2013651

Universitas Negeri Semarang
Program S1 Ilmu Kependidikan Fakultas Ekonomi, Kampus Sekaran, Gunung pati,Semarang 50229. Tel. 024-8508003-4, Fax. 024-8508006

2. Further Information

Each of the Sampoerna Foundation scholars is required to attend the mandatory programs, so that a feeling of social concern and responsibility can become deeply embedded in the psyche of each scholar. The programs are Annual Gathering, Community Service, and the Internship Program.

A. Annual Gathering

The Sampoerna Foundation Annual Gathering is geared toward providing an opportunity for scholarship recipients to better understand the values adhered to by Sampoerna Foundation, to develop their characters, their leadership qualities, and to deepen their social concern.

The Annual Gathering, which is held over a period of 3 (three) days, provides an opportunity for all of the scholarship recipients attending to share their experiences with students from other universities and cities, to develop their personal skills through workshops and discussions, and to participate in value sharing sessions so that they can achieve a more extensive view and underst anding of what is expected of them asSampoerna Foundation Scholarship Recipients.

This event provides a picture of the multi-faceted approach undertaken within the Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship Program that does much more than simply focus on academic matters, characters of the scholarship recipient as well

B. Community Service Activities

All strata one (undergraduate) Sampoerna Foundation scholarship recipients are required to plan and carry out social welfare activities simultaneously along with other Sampoerna Foundation scholarship recipients in their own individual areas of residence every three months

C. Internship Program

In order to provide a forum in which scholars can use their knowledge and expertise in a professional workplace, Sampoerna Foundation requires all of its scholarship recipients to participate in an internship program

Each scholar will undergo an internship for a minimum period of 10 weeks, while they are still in school. Sampoerna Foundation hopes that this experience will provide added value for the scholars that will enable them to achieve success in their future careers.

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