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France: Master of Engineering Scholarship

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Master of Engineering: Transformation of Biomass and Waste into Energy

The Ecoles des Mines of Albi and Douai are collaborating to propose a programme of higher-level training in the transformation of biomass and waste into energy. The field covered by these courses, at the “Master of Engineering” level is the treatment of solids fuels from renewable sources: biomass, waste and slurries of high energy content. The educational program is based on a wide scientific and technological expertise and the research capacity of several partners( Ecoles des
Mines d’Albi et de Douai, Université Technologique de Compi?gne, CIRAD Montpellier) in the following domains:

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pre-treatment and preparation of solids, drying of sludge and biomass, combustion of fuels residues,gasification and pyrolysis of biomass, gas reforming and hydrogen production, stabilisation of ashes, life cycle analysis (LCA) and the environmental impact of industrial processes.

These partners have important research facilities (characterisation equipment and pilot plants) and a high level of expertise in France and Europe and are comitted to drive research to further industrial developments in the areas of energy and the environment: platform PROCEDIS (UTC), N-GHY S.A. (Ecole des Mines d’Albi), platform
cogeneration (Ecole des Mines de Douai). The professional Master CEWB “Clean Energy from Waste and Biomass” is primarily aimed to students of non-French origin, in particular from the developing and newly industrialised countries (Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe), but French-speaking and European students are also welcome. The training is equally open to working engineers wishing to specialise in this domain. The courses will be given in French and English during 18
month including academic work, a research training as well as an industrial placement linked to the research project.

The Master CEWB has successfully started in 2004 with the sponsorship of major industrial actors. Companies are privileged partners in this programme, they provide industrial grants to the best students. In return, each student are comitted to do the their project work and internship in close cooperation with the sponsoring company.

The 15 000 euros grant includes : tuition fees and a living allowance for each student during the work in a laboratory . Five companies have already trusted the CEWB programme and are now conducting R&D projects with sponsored students in various fields such as hazardous waste thermal process, flue gas treatment, fuel substitution in the cement industry or biomass gasification. We consider it is important to bring to you knowledge this programme which could constitute a key element for energy substitution policies and applied sustainable development. I am
available to answer any further questions you may have, or to arrange a meeting at your convenience. Thank you in advance for all the interest you may express for this degree programme.


B.GRANO, Senior Researcher, Head of the Master CEWB

E-mail: Mail grano@enstimac.fr

Tel.: 05 63 49 30 94

Web site: http://www.enstimac.fr/formation/master_professionnel

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