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Beasiswa Research: Australia Indonesia Governance Research Partnership 2007

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Research Funding - Australia Indonesia Governance Research Partnership
Scholars from any Australian and Indonesian institution are invited to apply for funding for research projects addressing major governance issues in Indonesia. Generous financial support is available, with applications being assessed on a competitive basis.

The deadline for the next round of AIGRP research funding is Monday 19 February 2007.

Project Application Guidelines
Project Proposal Template
Proposal Budget Template
Proposals are welcome on any issue pertaining to governance in Indonesia and may come from any area of the community including media and government.

Core themes for the AIGRP include:

economic policy, reform strategy and business government relations
political institutions, public administration, representation of civil society & sectoral interests in policy processes
law, legal institutions and contracting
corruption and anti-corruption responses.
Indicative examples of the type of issue that might be addressed under these four streams include: international trade strategy-reform and implementation; the political economy of reform in the agricultural sector; institutional reform and capacity building at the regional level; civil service career development and public sector management; concepts and practices for legal reform; and developing a framework for contracting in the infrastructure sector.

Priority themes will be established each year and proposals addressing these themes will be particularly welcome. Priority themes will be publicised through the AIGRP website and advertising. Current priorities include decentralisation and anti-corruption issues. Priorities for 2007 include poverty and employment issues, as well as economic policy and microeconomic reform.

Your project summary should emphasise the aims, method and policy significance of your research. In describing the methods make particular reference to the institutions that will be collaborating, and where the researchers will work. Specific outputs and outcomes should also be detailed, including anticipated publications, new practices, guides, workshops, film, radio presentation etc that are likely to result from the research.

Projects sponsored under AIGRP will involve partnerships between Indonesian and Australian scholars. All proposals must include participation of researchers from both Australia and Indonesia though the participation need not necessarily be symmetrical in terms of time contributed etc.

The AIGRP consciously seeks to draw participants from across public and private as well as metropolitan and regional institutions. Specific provision is made for drawing in researchers from institutions in outlying areas of Indonesia whose staff - unlike their counterparts in established metropolitan institutions - may not otherwise qualify for involvement in projects at this level. This will be achieved through provision for Research Development Partners (in addition to the principal Indonesian and Australian researchers). The Australian and Indonesian-based Research Coordinators of the AIGRP will be happy to assist prospective applicants to identify a research development partner.

The approach to the definition of the Australian and Indonesian researchers will be flexible and considered first when the research leaders discuss the proposal with prospective researchers at the outset. In general, country of residence at the time of application rather than citizenship is likely to be the most appropriate criterion. In special circumstances, if the expertise of a researcher based in a third country is important to a proposal, this may be considered.

Dissemination of research outputs to policy and scholarly communities, as well as the wider public in Indonesia and Australia in a timely fashion is an AIGRP priority. Preference will normally be given to projects that can be completed within one annual cycle, that is, in time for the following Policy Research Forum. AIGRP will fund participation in the Policy Research Forum separately.

It is a requirement of AIGRP funding that all researchers make themselves available to present their key findings at the annual Policy Research Forum. In addition, to assist in the development of AIGRP media strategies to promote and publicise your work, please highlight the policy significance of your work, list the organisations that you believe will be interested in applying your research findings and indicate how end-users and policy-makers might be engaged.

Funding for AIGRP projects will normally take two forms, monies to 'buy out' the time of both the Australian and Indonesian participants, and monies to support actual travel and field costs. Buy-outs will be funded at a flat rate of A$10,000 per month of full time work per researcher, or part thereof. Applications that also include a Research Development Partner (explained above) will be welcome. Equivalent monies have been set aside to support the participation of Research Development Partners.

Typically, projects funded by the AIGRP will fall within a range of A$20,000-A$100,000. Because the AIGRP seeks to fund as many projects as possible, preference will be given to proposals that are budgeted economically. Proposals where institutions make in-kind contributions will be considered favourably by the Steering Committee. AIGRP funds will not be available to provide institutional support (e.g. organisational overheads).

Applications for funding by the AIGRP should include a budget in Australian dollars consisting of the following line items:

Researcher buy out monies: specify the names of researchers and research development partner (if applicable), indication of research planned and number of months (or part thereof) of full-time work, and sub-total of buy outs for researchers from both Australia and Indonesia. If there will be contributions from institutions in this budget line, please indicate.
Travel expenses budget: specify travel required for field research and estimated cost for airfares, accommodations, project related local travel, compulsory travel taxes and other travel cost relevant with the proposed project. Travel and other cost for researchers to attend the AIGRP Policy Forum will be provided separately by the AIGRP Executive and need not be budgeted in proposals.
Field work expenses other than travel: specify each item budget and estimated cost planned for conducting fieldwork for the proposed budget. If there will be contributions from institutions in this budget line, please indicate.
Researchers may spend all or part of their research time with their collaborators in either country. Each researcher will be awarded a travel and field expenses budget refunded on an acquittals basis.

Researchers can be guided by the following in budgeting for travel and field expenses

Airfares: reimbursed at cost for economy class for international and in-country travel.
Compulsory arrival and departure taxes, and travel to and from airport: reimbursed at cost
Travelling allowance: reimbursed for cost of reasonable hotel accommodation, plus an agreed daily rate of A$65 towards the costs of meals and incidentals.
Baggage insurance: reimbursement of premium for cover of up to A$2,000
Inoculations: reimbursed at cost (where necessary)
Medical and medical evacuation insurance: reimbursed at cost for overseas assignments only
Hire of transport: for project purposes only
International communication costs: which are project related (fax, telephoned, postage)
Excess baggage costs: for transport material required for the project eg equipment, documents.
A new round of projects will be considered early in 2007. Please be in contact with AIGRP Convenor, Professor Andrew MacIntyre if you need more information.

Assessment of proposals
Proposals will be assessed according to the following principal criteria

Quality of proposed research project defined in terms of originality of research and scholarly merit.
Policy relevance of proposed topic of research, defined in terms of significance of current or emerging governance challenge addressed, alignment with the Indonesian Government's reform priorities and/or implications for the Australian Government's engagement on these issues
Timeliness of the proposed research project in generating results for discussion at the AIGRP's annual Policy Research Forum.
A transparent budget prepared in accordance with relevant guidelines.
Quality of 'fit' of proposed research partnerships in terms of other research sponsored under the Partnership and/or other Australian initiatives as well as capacity to leverage other international research initiatives.
The inclusion of a Research Development Partner (see below) as a participant in the proposed project where appropriate, will be considered desirable.
Decisions on selection of proposed projects will be made by the Steering Committee of the AIGRP and are final. The Steering Committee reserves the right to recommend adjustments to the budget and design of projects favoured for funding.

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